Air and surface disinfector – a combination of UV-C radiation and HEPA filtration

The BLOCK® Pure UV Disinfector ensures biological decontamination of spaces and is rooted in a combination of HEPA filtration and efficient UV-C lamps; the UV radiation effectively destroys microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts and viruses including SARS-CoV-2). UV radiation disrupts the DNA/RNA of microorganisms thereby exterminating them. The disinfector also eliminates allergens. It is a unique product in Europe – combining UV-C radiation with HEPA filtration, which was microbiologically tested in the Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. The device operates in two working modes: Day Mode or Night Mode.

Intended for

  • Hospitals
  • Waiting rooms, Consulting rooms
  • Locations with heavy human traffic
  • Company canteens
  • Changing rooms
  • Offices, conference rooms
  • Retirement homes
  • Schools and kindergartens


  • Captures all impurities from the air with a 99.99 % efficiency rate
  • Infinitely better compared to simple UV lamps
  • Long HEPA filter life
  • Long operation life
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Cleans surfaces for you at night
  • Mobile device - ability to move among rooms
  • Easy operation

Day Mode

Air disinfection in a room in the presence of personnel.

  • The disinfector circulates the air in a room.
  • The disinfector is shut down and the air is sucked from the room along the ultraviolet (UV-C) fluorescent tubes.
  • Microorganisms inside the disinfector are exposed to strong UV-C radiation for a period of 2 seconds, killing the majority of them.
  • The air is filtered with a high-capacity HEPA filter at the disinfector outlet capturing all particles from the air with a 99.99 % efficiency level (i.e. dead and surviving microorganisms are removed from the atmosphere).
  • This combination of UV radiation and HEPA filtration achieves near perfect removal of microorganisms from the air.

Night Mode

Surfaces desinfection in a room in the absence of personnel.

  • TThe disinfector is open and the fan is switched off.
  • TThe disinfector is placed near the surfaces that are most exposed and disinfects them with UV-C radiation within the pre-programmed time period.
  • TA safety motion sensor completely shuts down the apparatus if anyone enters the radiated space.
  • TUV-C radiation is harmful to all living organisms, therefore, rooms must be vacated when Night Mode is in operation. Certain materials are not resistant to UV radiation over the long term.


The basic model of the disinfector can be provided with decals. You can choose from four of our decal graphics, or choose a decal of your own design, our graphic designers will be happy to help you to process it. This design element makes the disinfector an extraordinary part of the interior.

1 - Basic design, 2 - Tree design, 3 - City design, 4 - Nature design, 5 - Animals design, 6 - Your own design (photography, vector graphics)

Technical parameters

BLOCK® Pure UV - Model S900

Technical parameters - BLOCK® Pure UV Model S900

Dimensions in mm (W x H x D) 722 x 1746 x 722
Material Steel sheet with powder coated surface
Recommended air output 900 m3/h
Minimum air output 300 m3/h
Maximum air output 2500 m3/h
Installed power input 970 W
Max. working power input 760 W
Operating voltage 230 V
Noise 49 dB(A) with recommended air output 900 m3/h
Filters Air HEPA filter, Air pre-filter, UV-C radiation
Max. working power input 760 W
Functions Timer, Power control, Day mode, Night mode, UV-C sterilization lamp
UV-C tubes 4 x 55 W
Operation Possibility of operation 24/7
Socket type E, F
Recommended room size up to 670 m2 (according to power control and ceiling height)