Continuous liner for a partition

Continuous liner for a partition

Continuous liner serves as an outlet material pass-through out of a cleanroom with the option of safely wrapping the contaminated content into a foil.

On the cleanroom side there are hinged doors. The port is connected via a partition from a room with a lower cleanliness class where it is continuous foil fitted.


  • Passive (not air-conditioned)
  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • The tempered glass door is placed in the cleanroom with a higher cleanliness class
  • Left/right door opening option
  • Anodized aluminum hinges
  • A plastic foil is placed on the port and it’s attached with a safety clamping ring and a clamping ring
  • Can be used between rooms with a partition thickness up to 52 mm or 60 mm
  • The port diameter is 300 mm


  1. A plastic foil is attached to the port with a safety clamping ring and a clamping ring.
  2. The end of the foil is sealed or closed by a cable tie.
  3. The liner is ready to be used.
  4. After inserting a material from the cleanroom the clamping ring and the required length of foil are removed from the port.
  5. The work sleeve is reclosed.
  6. After placing the material in the liner, it is necessary to seal the foil or close it with a cable tie in two places.
  7. The contaminated material in the foil is cut between the joints
  8. The liner is ready to be used again.


  1. Port body
  2. Clamping ring
  3. Safety clamping ring
  4. Foil attached to the port
  5. Door
  6. Opening handle
  7. Hinge


Hinged door

Dimensions in mm

Larghezza 500
Altezza 500
Port/opening diameter 300


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