Laminar Field

Laminar Field

Laminar flow ensures a local increase of the purity class in a cleanroom (class “A” to GMP)

Laminar field is used for cleanrooms that require not only clean air but also intensive air exchange. These laminar ceilings with an air flow and built-in HEPA filters consist of FFU units (circulation units) and are designed to be installed in suspended ceilings. Integrated LED lights are a part of the ceilings.


  • Designed for cleanrooms
  • Use of the filter class H14
  • Filters with a gel seal
  • Local increase of purity class to qualification “A” according to GMP
  • Flow speed 0,3-0,45 m.s-1 at air density r=1,2 kg/m3
  • Automatically controlled flow speed
  • Laminar field controlled by the Siemens Simatic system
  • Possibility to install PVC lamella to direct the flow
  • LED lighting 500lx
  • Operating modes – Full-mode, muted mode and switched off
  • Possibility to connect a speed sensor laminar flow


  1. Ventilátor
  2. Filter H14
  3. Lighting
  4. Laminator


Pannello HMI

Laminar field is controlled by the Siemens control system. The Simatic control system creates an intuitive and user-friendly environment. The control system enables to control the operating modes, switches on or switches off the lighting and displays filter clogging alarms.

Panoramica delle funzioni

  • 1. Operating modes control
  • 2. The lighting on/off switch
  • 3. The alarm history display (report)
  • 4. Settings


Laminar field Model A

Dimensions in mm

Larghezza 1250
Altezza 470
Profondità 625

Laminar field Model B

Dimensions in mm

Larghezza 1250
Altezza 515
Profondità 1250


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