Microbiological safety cabinets SafeMate ECO+

Microbiological safety cabinet

Microbiological Safety Cabinet Class II for product and personnel protection, suitable for all types of laboratories.

The SafeMate ECO+ series uses optimized airflow technology using only one fan instead of the usual two. This solution enables energy savings during operation and at the same time a higher level of safety due to better predictability of the cabinet behavior and a simpler setup.


  • Electrically operated front glass
  • Tight seal closure system
  • V-shaped anti obstruction front grill
  • Low energy consumption DC motor blower
  • State of the art microprocessor control system
  • Digital display with indicator of basic parameters
  • Alarms for low air flow and wrong front window position
  • Sloped front and back wall for the most comfortable access
  • Front access for filter maintenance and service
  • Full stainless-steel working area
  • Side glasses for better lighting working area
  • Four sizes: 9000, 1200, 1500, 1800 mm


  1. Start/stop switch
  2. Soft touch keypad with display
  3. Alarm pilot light
  4. Side windows
  5. Connection for flammable gas tap, Connection for inert fluids–vacuum tap
  6. Service sockets
  7. Front intake grille
  8. Slots for rear suction
  9. Working surface


Microbiological safety cabinets SafeMate ECO+

Dimensions in mm Size 900 Size 1200 Size 1500 Size 1800
Length (without support stand) 1075 1380 1685 1990
Depth (without support stand) 795 795 795 795
Height (without support stand) 1450 1450 1450 1450

Working space size

Dimensions in mm Size 900 Size 1200 Size 1500 Size 1800
Length 925 1230 1530 1840
Depth 580 580 580 580
Height 700 700 700 700
We provide this product in cooperation with BioAir.

Other BioAir products https://www.bioair.it/



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