Weighing Isolator

Isolator suitable for work with API /  HAPI and for protection of personnel

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Sterility Test Isolator

Suitable for sterility testing and product protection

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Biological Safety Cabinet Class III

Laboratory isolator suitable for BSL 3, for personnel and product protection

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Customised Solution

Our type-specific isolator solutions are highly flexible and our BLOCK® type isolators can be adapted according to customer requirements

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Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Generator - Puriter

Surface sterilization ensured by our patented method of vaporisation using hydrogen peroxide liquid

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Glove Tester

Device for glove integrity testing. This testing is specifically performed for isolators and microbiological boxes

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VHP Decontamination Lock

Material airlock providing rapid H2O2 decontamination

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Air and surface disinfector – a combination of UV-C radiation and HEPA filtration


BLOCK® Isolator Technology

Our solution, for your protection

BLOCK Technology a.s. has developed a standard range of isolators which allow for flexible and safe handling of materials. Our isolator technology offers a user-friendly environment that makes work processes easier and safer. We offer both standard isolators and customized solutions according to specific requirements. BLOCK Technology a.s. took over the insulators business from the Swiss company BLOCK Technical AG.

BLOCK Technology a.s. is a member of BLOCK® Group, a multi-national group of companies.

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