Mobile Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Generator – Puriter

Mobile Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Generator – Puriter

Surface sterilization ensured by our patented method of vaporisation using hydrogen peroxide liquid

Puriter is designated for the sterilization of interior surfaces utilising liquid hydrogen peroxide. The whole process is performed with patented BLOCK® technology.


  • Operation via a touch screen with program selection and intuitive controls
  • Control system: SIEMENS touch panel, TP700 Comfort
  • Structural material: AISI 304 stainless steel, FIN8 grinded surface
  • Air supply compression method
    • There must be a compressed air supply point available at installation site
  • Our vapour generation process runs under normal temperatures (around 25 to 30 °C) and with normal pressure
  • It does not leave any toxic residues as hydrogen peroxide decomposes to oxygen and water following decontamination
  • The device is mobile = surfaces in various places may be decontaminated
  • It can be connected to more devices by means of a DN50 triclamp
  • Option to integrate the device into an isolator or pass-through cabin
  • Applications
    • sanitation, disinfection
    • sterilisation
    • inside surfaces of closed boxes (e.g. isolators and pass through cabins)
    • inside surfaces of rooms
  • Uses hydrogen peroxide 30%


  • Puriter with an open loop system
Puriter with an open loop system
Open loop
Operating temperature 30°C
Maximum achieved PPM 800
Maximum humidity during process 98%
Fresh air flow rate 50m3/h
Compressed air pressure 4 bar
Requirement for exhaust yes
Recirculation into the room using a Catalyst no
Power input 2000 W

Operational Readiness

For operation of equipment the following must be ensured:

  • Pressurised air
    • “3” Class cleanliness according to ISO 8573.1
    • Pressure 6 bar
    • Supply 30-60 m3/h
  • Electric power supply
    • Power supply: L+N+PE / TN-S - 230V/50Hz
    • Power input: 2,2 kW


  1. USB connector
  2. HMI panel
  3. Pump
  4. Main switch
  5. Main switch locks in the switched-off position
  6. Handle
  7. Window for H202 level verification
  8. Door for easy replacement of peroxide supply
  9. Connection to compressed air
  10. Internet connection (monitoring network), power supply connection and communication cable


HMI Panel

The Puriter control system is operated with a Siemens colour touch screen. The Simatic control system from Siemens creates an intuitive and user-friendly experience. The screen displays the actual parameters of the environment and monitors emergency statuses. The system includes remote access for operator support.

Overview of Functions

  • Navigation buttons
  • User login
  • Puriter (device) Status
  • Parameters


Mobile Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Generator – Puriter

Dimensions in mm

Width 860
Height 1200
Depth 543

Standard Decontamination Cycle

Standard Decontamination Cycle


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