VHP Decontamination Lock

VHP Decontamination Lock

Material airlock providing rapid H2O2 decontamination

Decontamination locks are most frequently used as a pass-through to transfer material between rooms with different classes of cleanliness (typically B and C), whereas material must be decontaminated (by means of surface sterilization) before entry into the room. Loaded materials are decontaminated using hydrogen peroxide vapour with a 6-log reduction. A hydrogen peroxide vapour generator is a part of the equipment.


  • Integrated VHP generator
  • Decontamination pass-through cabin may be fitted onto the wall separating individual rooms
  • Lock complies with the leak tightness classes pursuant to ISO 10648-2
  • “B” class cleanliness according to the EU GMP Standard
  • Electronic control system for automatic adjustment of basic operating modes managed by Siemens PLC
  • Color touchscreen controls
  • Mobile perforated shelves allow sterilization of the product from all sides
  • Process works at normal temperatures (at about 25 to 30 °C) and normal pressures
  • Jacket material – stainless steel AISI 304
  • Pass-through chamber material – AISI 316L with a thickness of 3.00 mm, polished surface finish, Ra < 0.6 µm
  • Rounded corners R = 55 mm
  • Inlet and outlet H14 HEPA filtration
  • Possible validation of decontamination cycle
  • Possible data recording on a recording unit, printer or PC
  • Low operating costs
  • Decontamination a low-temperature
  • Quick interval of a decontamination cycle
  • Long operation life, minimal maintenance demands
  • Easy handling and operation


  • VHP Decontamination Lock with a closed loop system
  • VHP Decontamination Lock with an open loop system

Operational Readiness

For operation of the equipment, the following must be ensured:

  • Pressurised air of pharmaceutical quality (dry, oil-free, 4 bars)
  • Electric power supply – 230V, 3kW
  • Connection to the exhaust branch for venting hydrogen peroxide vapours


  1. Main switch
  2. Control panel
  3. Chamber closing door
  4. Perforated shelves
  5. Compressed air inlet
  6. Air exhaust
  7. Air inlet
  8. Paperless recorder

Standards and Options


Chamber closing door

It is made of PMMA with a thickness of 25 mm. The door is sealed using a pneumatic seal made of silicon. The closing of the door is monitored by a sensor; another sensor monitors the mechanism which prevents the door from being opened.

VHP distribution

Distribution pipe for optimal gassing inside the chamber

Perforated shelves

4 pcs of standard perforated shelves for loaded material

Safety Features

Pressure fuse


  • H2O2 concentration sensor – high – process sensor inside the chamber
  • H2O2 concentration sensor – low – safety sensor inside the chamber
  • H2O2 concentration sensor – low – safety sensor outside the chamber


Overview of Functions

  • User Login and automatic log-off countdown timer
  • Display for measured physical values in the chamber interior
  • Device operation modes menu, Alarm and Settings menu


VHP Decontamination Lock

Dimensions in mm - VHP Decontamination Lock 1

Width 1900
Height 2640
Depth 1600
Closing door height 2100
Closing door width 800

Dimensions in mm - VHP Decontamination Lock 2

Width 1150
Height 2795
Depth 840
Closing door height 800
Closing door width 800


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