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Flexible and individually configurable

An isolator provides a high degree of protection for personnel working with hazardous materials and/or protection of products. Isolators are a core component of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. BLOCK Technology a.s. has developed a standard range of isolators which allow for flexible and safe handling of materials. Our isolator technology offers a user-friendly environment that makes work processes easier and safer. BLOCK® offers both standard isolators and customized solutions according to specific requirements. We are pharmaceutical isolator manufacturer. Our isolators can be used in pharmacy, healthcare and other fields.

  • Complete Product Range
    • Isolators for any kind of application
  • Made of Steel
    • Durable high quality products built with precision
  • High Degree of Safety
    • Certified by independent institutes
  • Ergonomic Design
    • To improve workflow and material handling
  • Cost Saving
    • Low operating costs and easy maintenance
  • Fully Automated System
    • Managed by a Siemens PLC


  • Leak tightness guaranteed
    • Leak tightness tested according to ISO 10648-2
    • Chambers are seal welded from high quality steel
    • Static or inflatable sealing
  • High quality components and materials
    • Siemens, Dräger, Rotronic, Camfil, Gea, Festo, etc.
    • Safety glass, high quality gloves (CSM, EPDM, neoprene, etc.)
  • All materials meet FDA requirements
  • Documentation, certification and procedures follow GMP guidelines
    • URS -> DQ -> FAT-> SAT -> IQ -> OQ
    • Documentation is included when device is delivered
  • Ergonomically tested and optimised
  • Designed with respect to easy cleaning of the device
  • Clearly arranged control system
    • Siemens colour touch display
    • Fully automated systems (control, current status display)
    • Varied authorisation levels for operators
    • Monitoring of emergency statuses
  • Data archiving
  • Safe HEPA H14 filtration and safe filter exchange
  • Compatible with the BLOCK® Puriter device
    • Decontamination of the chamber using vaporised hydrogen peroxide
  • Compliant to hygiene standards
    • Noise, lighting
  • Stand-alone device
About products


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